Healthism and Nutritionism are not Helping with your healing

DATE: November 10th 6-8pm EST/ 3-5pm PST.

(We will meet via Zoom video conference)

Healthism and Nutritionism is Not Helping with your Healing

Sunday November 10th  

6-8pmEST/3-5 PST


This workshop is open to ALL people, including those in the health and healing professions as well as those, like us, who have been impacted by healthism and nutritionism in our own relationships to our bodies. We’ll define what healthism and nutritionism is and how it interferes with true healing. You will have the option to meet again for another virtual workshop in 2020 with Ilya Parker (@decolonizingfitness) to delve deeper into this important topic. 

Facilitated by:

Asher Pandjiris, psychotherapist and host of the Living in this Queer Body Podcast.  Asher is a queer, white, non-binary (she/they pronouns) parent. Asher is also someone living with auto-immune based chronic health issues. They served as the Program Director at Balance Eating Disorder treatment center and have years of experience working with issues related to trauma and its impact on the body. Asher has published on the topics of intergenerational trauma transmission, the treatment of eating disorders, sexual assault in the music industry and gender dysphoria. @livininginthisqueerbody

Marielle Berg is a psychotherapist and host of The Skillful Podcast and the It's Just a Cookie podcast. She is queer, white, cis-gendered and in recovery from an eating disorder. She is founder and director of the Bay Area DBT & Couples Counseling Center in San Francisco. She also supports people worldwide in healing disordered eating and body hatred through online coaching. To find out more about her work: and

This group might be engaging for you if these questions resonate:

Do you find yourself choosing foods based on whether they are good, bad or clean? 

Do you inhabit a disabled, fat or chronically ill body that is judged for being bad, weak or lacking in discipline?

Do you work with people in your professional life who negatively judge others who aren’t healthy? 

Do you intellectually disagree that health is not entirely in your own hands, but find yourself making decisions in your life that are driven by an imperative to constantly improve your health?

Nutritionism and Healthism
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