ponder together

one-on-one coaching sessions

In these one on one personalized sessions, we work together virtually for one hour to dive into a specific challenge that is in your way. We enter into the session after you have responded to some journaling prompts from me, so we can hit the ground running. In these sessions I listen, we ponder, I offer perspective, guidance and support.

(disclaimer: these are LITQB coaching sessions are not meant to take the place of ongoing psychotherapy).

PONDERING TOGETHER might be useful if any of this (below) resonates for you:


Have you found yourself listening to the podcast and wishing you had someone to talk to about what comes up for you, what it provokes in your body and psychic life?

Are you a public figure who longs for a space to talk about public/private embodied boundaries and self-care practice tailored for the specificity of your lived experience?

Are you tentative about joining a virtual or in person group but have a desire to work with me around a specific challenge area in your life?

Are you struggling with nourishment of your body and do you want to explore that with someone who can offer perspective, containment and understanding?

Do you feel like you don't know where to start when it comes to understanding the cues your body is sending you?

Are you interested in setting up more sustainable systems to support you in your chronic health journey?