This unique program intensive is aimed at facilitating connection with other queer people, providing opportunities to witness the felt experiences and perspectives of other group participants which in turn will help you to experience your own personal struggles or pain points in a different light.

The program will span 3 months.  We will meet in an intimate group via zoom for 6 sessions (2 hours each).  You will be actively working via journal or other generative/creative projects with the material that emerges for you during this intensive.  I will provide videos and journal prompts as well as resources between meetings to keep the material alive. 

I am enthusiastic about addressing the absence of treatment options specific to queer and gender non-conforming individuals who struggle with issues such as disordered eating (and nourishment), substance abuse/use, dissociation and distraction as a means to manage the challenges of inhabiting a marginalized body. 

At the end of this experience, you will be connected to an enlivening community. You will know much more about how to listen to your body and its narratives. You will likely be able to say “When X happens, I know what my body needs.”


Cost for this 6 week program intensive is: $2400 
(payment plans available)

Bonus offer:  If you think that the group work would be helpful, but you know that you might need some extra processing time, I am adding the option of adding three 50 minute one on one calls with me to dive deeper into what is coming up for you. 

Cost for the program intensive + coaching calls is: $3000


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“Asher is a talented therapist and it really shines through in these groups. The amount of care, attention to detail, and guidance you provide made for a space that truly felt safe, productive, and progressive.” - Group Participant


“Where does it hurt?” -Ruby Sales, civil rights activist

About me as a group facilitator

I am a queer-identified psychotherapist, podcaster and group facilitator who is dedicated to offering perceptive, creative and reassuring support to queer, gender non-conforming, gender-fluid and transgender individuals.  I have extensive clinical experience working with traumatized bodies and the subsequent challenges of embodiment.  I have found, in working as a psychotherapist the trauma and eating disorder treatment world, that most marginalized bodies hold legacies of trauma.  It is my hope to provide an affirming and safe space to explore these legacies and lived realities that queer bodies face on a daily basis.  

I have the ability to see directly into the heart of the matter and also welcome being in the presence of deep psychological wounding with grace and compassion, telling difficult truths that need to be spoken, putting people at ease quickly, seeing problems and solutions in totally new ways, finding and sharing humor in painful situations, expressing vulnerability in a way that increases safety.

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