Exploring Body Wounds, Disembodiment and Challenges to Nourishment

This podcast is for all of us queerly bodied people.  Sometimes it feels like there is a constricting demand on our bodies, that we must look or feel or experience pleasure in a certain way.  In my experience, I have felt like I have needed space to make sense of having a body that is always already misaligned with what social structures are dictating. As someone who lives in queer community and works as a psychotherapist, I know that my experience is not a solitary one.  This is a podcast for people who identify as queer or for people who might think of their relationship between their body and confining social narratives as queer. This can feel like an isolating experience.  It is my hope that this podcast can illustrate the connections, and resonant pain points, that we have with one another. 

Our wounded bodies need spaces to talk about struggles with nourishment/disordered eating, body image issues, dysphoria, racism, heterosexism, transphobia, xenophobia, substance use/abuse, chronic pain/disability, body changes in parenthood, intergenerational trauma, the medical/wellness/therapy industrial complex and its lack of inclusion of queer bodies and much more. 

This is a podcast about the barriers to embodiment and how our collective body stories can bring us back to ourselves.I believe that everyone deserves to be supported in their own legacies of trauma and psychic suffering so that we can imagine the liberatory possibilities of substantive social transformation. I believe that, in coming to know and accept our own inner multiplicity, we can free up psychic space to dedicate to collective healing.



Episode 0

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the site as it is under construction. I want to offer Our bodies space to talk about struggles with nourishment and disordered eating, dysphoria, racism, chronic pain/disability, transphobia, xenophobia, body changes in parenthood, intergenerational trauma, the medical/wellness/therapy industrial complex and its lack of inclusion of queer bodies and much more!  The people I interview will be embodiments of many of these struggles as well as inspirations.  They will remind us that in the alchemical process of touching in on our pain we can and often do generate so many beautiful and complex queer lives. 

I made this podcast to generate a space of recognition for our wounded parts.  While we will be talking about serious topics, there WILL be levity and joy alongside grief. 

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Episode 1
Tattoo Doula Tamara Santibañez
on Reclaiming Embodiment

Tamara Santibañez (b. 1987) is a multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn. Her work is rooted in subcultural semiotics, exploring the meanings we assign to materials, accessories and objects. Drawing from the worlds of fetish, punk, Chicanx art, and tattooing, she probes the weight objects hold as symbols and the ways in which style-based cultural signifiers function as shorthand for a coded communication.  

Santibañez is the founding editor of New York-based independent publishing house Discipline Press, a multimedia venture dedicated to reconnecting popular imagery of counterculture with the narratives and history of those who create it, with a focus on excavating experiences of marginalized peoples within subculture. As a tattoo artist working at the legendary Saved Tattoo, Santibañez is widely known for her innovative combination of Chicanx imagery with fetish iconography. 

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Episode 2
Wolf medicine magic

The Body as Student and Teacher


Regina Rocke is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 500hr Yoga Teacher, Barre fitness instructor and Breathwork healer living in Brooklyn, NY since 2004. In 2014 she received her Ayurveda and yoga teaching certifications from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda and trained with Breathwork healer and teacher David Elliot in 2017.


episode 3

Marlee Grace on Learning the Body

Again and Again, and More all the time


Marlee Grace is an improviser and author currently based in Michigan. She works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive and making work through movement, quilting, writing, and hosting the CENTER residency. Marlee is the author of How to Not Always Be Working: A Toolkit for Creativity and Radical Self-Care (2018) and A Sacred Shift: A Book About Personal Practice (2017).

@marleegrace / @personalpractice


episode 4

Mel Plaut on Guns and Guts in Rural Georgia


Mel Plaut (she/they/he) is an author and urban planner. Her first book, HACK, is a memoir of her experiences as a New York City taxi driver. Plaut’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, HuffPost, Lenny Letter, BUST Magazine, and on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” Born in New York City, Plaut is currently based in Eatonton, Georgia, where she’s writing a novel about queer gun clubs in rural America.


episode 5



Lindsay Mack is an intuitive Tarot teacher, writer, and the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. Lindsay is the creator of Soul Tarot, a way of interpreting and intentionally utilizing the Tarot as a tool for self care, healing, and evolution through an inclusive, trauma friendly, soul centered perspective. Soul Tarot is a fusion of Lindsay’s 22 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, her work with her mentor, her own healing journey through complex PTSD/chronic illness, and channeled wisdom from her Guides. Through her regularly sold out workshops, retreats and online Tarot courses, Lindsay has had the profound honor of teaching Soul Tarot to thousands of people from all around the world.


episode 6

Atalanta is blossoming resistance


Atalanta Sungurov is a white, disabled, gender expansive queer parent. Ze works as a community activist & herbalist living rurally on unceded Mohican land in what is now so called western Massachusetts. Atalanta approaches plant medicine through healing justice work that holds values of accessibility and dynamics of navigating survival within a capitalist system. Atalanta brews herbals (https://blossoming-resistance.com/) with dreams of creating medicine in an effort to support collective liberation in their interactions with the world around them. One of their deep loves is to frolic in wild places, whether that be cuddling moss under grand trees, or laughing while stuck in swamps with their kids.


episode 7

Kei Tsuruharatani on Moving Between

Stability and Exploration


Kei Tsuruharatani is a native of Japan, a non-binary person, living in NYC since 2009. He's a dancer, singer, actor recently performed in the Broadway bound musical Jagged Little Pill. Along with freelancing as an artist, he teaches mindfulness meditation for the people in the entertainment industry and non-profit organization. You can find out lots more about Kei on his instagram: @keipence